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Authors illustrators translators

Adriaan van Dis

Adriaan van Dis 1946, Bergen Writer, television producer.

Alexandra Schmiedebach

Alexandra Schmiedebach Translator

Aline Sax

Aline Sax 1984, Antwerp. Has a PhD in history. Loves thunder. Hates dog-eared books.

Allard Schröder

Allard Schröder Haren, 1946. Writer, essayist and poet.

Andrea Akkermann

Andrea Akkermann Translator

Andrea Prins

Andrea Prins Translator

Andreas Gressmann

Andreas Gressmann

Andy Fierens

Andy Fierens 1976, Mortsel Poet. Performer. Cartoonist.

Anita Terpstra

Anita Terpstra 1974, Hallum Journalist, art historian, prominent thriller writer

Ann De Bode

Ann De Bode 1956, Belgian Congo. Illustrates children’s books. Also writes now and again. Loves to ride her motorbike.

Anna Carstens

Anna Carstens Translator

Anna Enquist

Anna Enquist 1945, Amsterdam Poet. Writer. Psychologist.

Anna Woltz

Anna Woltz 1981, London. Author of picture books, adventure stories, historical novels for young people, and teen fiction.

Anne Middelhoek

Anne Middelhoek Translator

Anne Vegter

Anne Vegter 1958, Delfzijl Poet. Writer. The Dutch Poet Laureate.

Anneke Brassinga

Anneke Brassinga 1948, Schaarsbergen Poet. Prose writer. Essayist. Translator.

Annelie David

Annelie David Translator

Annelies Verbeke

Annelies Verbeke 1976, Dendermonde Writer. Theatre writer. Looks for the absurdity in the world.

Annemarie van Haeringen

Annemarie van Haeringen 1959, Haarlem Illustrator. Picture book maker. Excels in up-beat stories and riotous colours.

Arjen Lubach

Arjen Lubach 1979, Groningen Writer. Presenter and writer for radio and television. Theatre maker.

Arne Braun

Arne Braun Translator

Arnon Grunberg

Arnon Grunberg 1972, Amsterdam. Writer, columnist, essayist and screenwriter.

Bart Moeyaert

Bart Moeyaert 1964, Bruges. Writer. Translator. Theatre writer.

Ben Gijsemans

Ben Gijsemans 1989, Lier Creates comics. Loves museums. Believes in silent strength.

Benjamin Leroy

Benjamin Leroy 1980, Neerpelt. Illustrator. Inspired by coincidence.

Bert Wagendorp

Bert Wagendorp 1956. Columnist, author, sports reporter.

Bette Westera

Bette Westera Doesburg, 1958.

Bettina Bach

Bettina Bach Translator

Bibi Dumon Tak

Bibi Dumon Tak 1964, Rotterdam Writer of non-fiction children’s literature.

Birgit Erdmann

Birgit Erdmann Translator

Bram Dehouck

Bram Dehouck 1978, Poperinge. Writer.

Brecht Evens

Brecht Evens 1986, Hasselt Creates comics. Paints. Lives in Paris.

Brecht Vandenbroucke

Brecht Vandenbroucke 1986, Veurne. Visual artist. Combines comics and illustration.

Bregje Hofstede

Bregje Hofstede 1988, Ede Art history lecturer. Has written an elegant, original novel of ideas about love and art.

Carll Cneut

Carll Cneut 1969, Roeselare. Illustrator. Creates ‘drawings that are never finished’. Enjoys working with acrylic

Cees Nooteboom

Cees Nooteboom 1933, The Hague. Writer, poet, traveller, art connoisseur.

Charlotte Dematons

Charlotte Dematons 1957, Evreux. Illustrator.

Charlotte Van den Broeck

Charlotte Van den Broeck 1991, Borgerhout. Student of the art of the spoken word. Performing poet. Loves being onstage.

Chris De Stoop

Chris De Stoop 1958, Sint-Gillis-Waas Writer, research journalist.

Christiane Kuby

Christiane Kuby Translator

Claudia Van Den Block

Claudia Van Den Block Translator

Coen Simon

Coen Simon 1972, lives in the northern Dutch province of Groningen. Writer, philosopher.

Connie Palmen

Connie Palmen 1955, Sint Odiliënberg. Writer and philosopher.

Daan Heerma van Voss

Daan Heerma van Voss 1986, Amsterdam Prolific writer. Has written an ambitious oeuvre single-handedly and an excellent thriller together with his brother Thomas.

David Van Reybrouck

David Van Reybrouck 1971, Bruges. Writer. Essayist. Poet. Playwright.

Demian Albers

Demian Albers 1983, Breda Animator, artistic director, light artist and VR designer.

Dimitri Verhulst

Dimitri Verhulst 1972, Aalst Writer. Poet. Cycling fanatic.

Dolf Verroen

Dolf Verroen 1928. Delft. Writer.

Douwe Draaisma

Douwe Draaisma 1953, Nijverdal Internationally celebrated non-fiction author. Memory expert.

Edward van de Vendel

Edward van de Vendel 1964, Leerdam All-round children’s writer. Former headmaster.

Els Moors

Els Moors 1977, Poperinge. Poetry and prose writer. Has a love-hate relationship with the Dutch language.

Elvis Peeters

Elvis Peeters 1957. Grimbergen. Writer.

Erik Kriek

Erik Kriek 1966, Amsterdam. Illustrator.

Erik Lindner

Erik Lindner 1968, Den Haag Poet, teacher, literary critic.

Ernest van der Kwast

Ernest van der Kwast 1981, Mumbai Writer. Essayist. Columnist. Lives and works in the Netherlands and Italy.

Erwin Mortier

Erwin Mortier 1965, Nevele Writer. Translator.

Ester Naomi Perquin

Ester Naomi Perquin 1980, Utrecht Poet. Columnist. Radio presenter.

Eva Schweikart

Eva Schweikart Translator

Fikry El Azzouzi

Fikry El Azzouzi 1978, Sint-Niklaas Writer. Columnist. Theatre writer.

Frank Keizer

Frank Keizer 1987, lives in Amsterdam Poet, editor, essayist.

Geert Mak

Geert Mak 1946, Vlaardingen Historian. Journalist. Jurist.

Gerbrand Bakker

Gerbrand Bakker 1962, Wieringerwaard. Writer and gardener.

Gerda Dendooven

Gerda Dendooven 1962, Marke. Illustrator. Teacher. Children’s Consul.

Gideon Samson

Gideon Samson 1985, The Hague Children’s book author. Has won many prizes. Loves football.

Gregor Seferens

Gregor Seferens Translator

Griet Op de Beeck

Griet Op de Beeck 1973, Turnhout Writer. Columnist. Theatre writer. Phenomenon.

Guido van Driel

Guido van Driel 1965, Amsterdam Cartoonist. Film director.

Gustaaf Peek

Gustaaf Peek 1975, Haarlem Writer, editor, photographer.

Hanni Ehlers

Hanni Ehlers Translator

Helga van Beuningen

Helga van Beuningen Translator

Herman Koch

Herman Koch 1953, Arnhem Once a moody teenager. Television maker and writer.

Herman van Veen

Herman van Veen 1945, Utrecht Stage artist. Composer. Writer. Actor. Musician. Activist.

Ilja Braun

Ilja Braun Translator

Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer

Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer 1968, Rijswijk Classicist, poet, engaged and prolific writer.

Ingrid Godon

Ingrid Godon 1958, Wilrijk. Self-made woman. Favourite hobby: people-watching. Loves pure, sober stories.

Ira Wilhelm

Ira Wilhelm Translator

Isabel Hessel

Isabel Hessel Translator

Jaap Robben

Jaap Robben 1984, Oosterhout Former ‘city poet’ of Nijmegen, theatre maker, once wished to become African.

Jan De Leeuw

Jan De Leeuw 1968, Aalst. Writer. Psychologist. Likes to sleep late and read in bed.

Jan Paul Schutten

Jan Paul Schutten 1970, Vlissingen. Author of non-fiction children’s books.

Janny van der Molen

Janny van der Molen 1968, Burgum Writer. Journalist. Gives workshops.

Joke van Leeuwen

Joke van Leeuwen 1952, The Hague Language virtuoso. Illustrator. Performer. Lives in Antwerp.

Joost de Vries

Joost de Vries 1983, Alkmaar Writer, editor, literary critic.

Joost Swarte

Joost Swarte 1947, Heemstede Cartoonist. Graphic designer.

Joris Luyendijk

Joris Luyendijk 1971, Amsterdam Journalist. Anthropologist. Specialised in the Arab and Islamic world.

Judith Vanistendael

Judith Vanistendael 1974, Leuven Comic book author. Illustrator. Looks up to Virginia Woolf and Annie Proulx.

Kathleen Vereecken

Kathleen Vereecken 1962, Ghent Writer. Freelance journalist. Doesn’t like bucket lists.

Katrin Herzberg

Katrin Herzberg Translator

Kees van Beijnum

Kees van Beijnum 1954, Amsterdam Journalist. Script writer. Novelist.

Kris Van Steenberge

Kris Van Steenberge 1963, Kontich Author. Theatre writer. Director. Teacher.

Kristien Dieltiens

Kristien Dieltiens 1954, Antwerp. Author. Illustrator. Writes for all readers of all ages.

Laura Starink

Laura Starink 1954, Tilburg Slavist, correspondent.

Leon de Winter

Leon de Winter 1954, ’s-Hertogenbosch. Writer, filmmaker, essayist.

Leonard Nolens

Leonard Nolens 1947, Bree Poet. Diarist. Translator

Lies van Gasse

Lies van Gasse 1983, Sint-Niklaas Poet. Artist. Teacher.

Lize Spit

Lize Spit 1988, Viersel Writer. Poet. Phenomenon.

Lodewijk van Oord

Lodewijk van Oord 1977, Madrid. Writer, historian, essayist.

Lot Vekemans

Lot Vekemans 1965, Oss. Writer, playwright .

Luuk van Middelaar

Luuk van Middelaar 1973, Eindhoven Former speech writer, columnist, professor.

Maartje Wortel

Maartje Wortel 1982, Eemnes Writer, columnist, teacher.

Mano Bouzamour

Mano Bouzamour 1991, Amsterdam Novelist, columnist.

Manon Uphoff

Manon Uphoff 1962, Utrecht Gifted storyteller. Has also written three remarkable novels.

Marcel Möring

Marcel Möring 1957, Enschede Internationally acclaimed writer. Celebrated for his superb command of language and his humorous approach to major issues.

Marcel Ruijters

Marcel Ruijters 1966. Comic strip maker and illustrator.

Marco Kunst

Marco Kunst 1966, Vlissingen Writer. Not tied to one genre. Loves the word ‘duinen’ (dunes).

Margriet de Moor

Margriet de Moor 1941, Noordwijk. Author.

Marian De Smet

Marian De Smet 1976, Mechelen. Nursery school teacher. Writer. Loves Leonard Cohen, but also Bach.

Marianne Holberg

Marianne Holberg Translator.

Marjolijn Hof

Marjolijn Hof 1956, Amsterdam Writes children’s books. Always knew that she wanted to write. Loves Iceland.

Mark Schaevers

Mark Schaevers 1956, Heppen Author. Journalist.

Marlene Müller-Haas

Marlene Müller-Haas Translator

Marli Huijer

Marli Huijer 1955, Amsterdam Professor, philosopher, physician.

Martina den Hertog-Vogt

Martina den Hertog-Vogt Translator

Mattias De Leeuw

Mattias De Leeuw 1989, Antwerp Illustrator. Storyteller. Fond of wordless picture books.

Maud Vanhauwaert

Maud Vanhauwaert 1984, Veurne Poet. Essayist. Performer.

Meike Blatnik

Meike Blatnik Translator

Menno Wigman

Menno Wigman 1966, Beverwijk. Poet, translator, musician, anthologist.

Micha Hamel

Micha Hamel 1970, Amsterdam Composer and poet.

Michael Bijnens

Michael Bijnens 1990, Genk. Writer. Theatre maker. Self-proclaimed detective.

Michael De Cock

Michael De Cock 1972, Mortsel. Writer. Director. Actor. Journalist. Theatre company director.

Miriam Van hee

Miriam Van hee 1952, Ghent Poet. Translator. Teacher. Spends her spare time in France.

Mirjam Mous

Mirjam Mous 1963, Oosterhout Former teacher, children’s author.

Mirjam Pressler

Mirjam Pressler Translator

Murat Isik

Murat Isik 1977, Izmir. Writer, columnist, storyteller.

Mustafa Stitou

Mustafa Stitou 1974, Tétouan Poet. Performer. Former city poet of Amsterdam.

Nathalie Lemmens

Nathalie Lemmens Translator

Neske Beks

Neske Beks 1972, Antwerp. Storyteller. Connector. Story merchant.

Niña Weijers

Niña Weijers 1987, Nijmegen Debut author, talk show host, editor.

Nix (Marnix) Verduyn

Nix (Marnix) Verduyn 1969, Courtrai Cartoonist. Joke-teller. Inventor.

Olivier Schrauwen

Olivier Schrauwen 1977, Brugge. Musician. Animator. Comic book author.

Paul Baeten Gronda

Paul Baeten Gronda 1981, Mol Writer. Columnist. Divides his time between his homes in Borgosesia and Louvain.

Paul Verhaeghe

Paul Verhaeghe 1955, Roeselare Author. Professor of clinical psychology and psychoanalysis.

Peter Goes

Peter Goes 1968, Ghent. Illustrator and animator. Straight from the heart.

Peter Terrin

Peter Terrin 1968, Tielt Writer. Theatre writer. Typewriter fan.

Peter Van Heirseele (Herr Seele)

Peter Van Heirseele (Herr Seele) 1959, Torhout Painter. Actor. Piano collector.

Peter Verhelst

Peter Verhelst 1962, Bruges Poet. Novelist. Theatre writer.

Philip Hopman

Philip Hopman 1961, Egmond aan den Hoef Multifaceted illustrator. Uses his parents’ old bulb shed as a studio.

Rachida Lamrabet

Rachida Lamrabet 1970, Sidiboujedain, Morocco Moroccan roots. Writes about the multicultural society in all its facets.

Rainer Kersten

Rainer Kersten Translator

Randall Casaer

Randall Casaer 1967, Ghent. Illustrator. Author. Draws for the TV quiz ‘De slimste mens ter wereld’

Rodaan Al Galidi

Rodaan Al Galidi 1971, Al-Najaf Writer. Poet. Born in Iraq.

Rolf Erdorf

Rolf Erdorf Translator

Rozalie Hirs

Rozalie Hirs 1965, Gouda Composer. Poet. Writes collections of poetry and creates digital poetry.

Ruth Lasters

Ruth Lasters 1979, Antwerp Author. Poet. Feels writing to be the perfect form of pondering.

Sanneke van Hassel

Sanneke van Hassel 1971, Rotterdam Actress, writer.

Saskia de Coster

Saskia de Coster 1976, Leuven. Linguist and literary scholar. Artist. Playwright. Video artist. Opinion former.

Simon Spruyt

Simon Spruyt 1978, Mechelen Cartoonist. Illustrator. Loves tongue-in-cheek comments.

Simon van der Geest

Simon van der Geest 1978, Gouda Writer. Poet. Playwright.

Sjoerd Kuyper

Sjoerd Kuyper 1952, Amsterdam Author and scriptwriter.

Stefan Brijs

Stefan Brijs 1969, Genk Writer. Taught himself to write. Lives in Spain.

Stefan Hertmans

Stefan Hertmans 1951, Ghent. Multi-talented. Meticulous. Acclaimed. Former jazz musician.

Stefan Wieczorek

Stefan Wieczorek Translator

Suzanna Jansen

Suzanna Jansen 1964, Amsterdam. Journalist, author, theatre maker.

Thé Tjong-Khing

Thé Tjong-Khing 1933, Purworejo Illustrator. Born in Indonesia. Great film connoisseur.

Thomas Heerma van Voss

Thomas Heerma van Voss 1990, Amsterdam Writes solo and as part of a writing duo with his brother Daan.

Thomas Woitkewitsch

Thomas Woitkewitsch Translator

Tom Lanoye

Tom Lanoye 1958, Sint-Niklaas Writer. Poet. Columnist. Novelist. Butcher’s son.

Tom Schamp

Tom Schamp 1970, Mortsel Illustrator. Hatches his ideas in bed.

Tom Struyf

Tom Struyf Duffel, 1983 Writer, actor, theatre maker.

Tommy Wieringa

Tommy Wieringa 1967, Goor Writer, columnist, traveler.

Toon Tellegen

Toon Tellegen 1941, Brielle Writer. Doctor. Poet.

Tsead Bruinja

Tsead Bruinja 1974, Rinsumageest Poet. Teacher. Columnist.

Ulrich Faure

Ulrich Faure Translator

Verena Kiefer

Verena Kiefer Translator

Wytske Versteeg

Wytske Versteeg 1983, Leiden. Writer, essayist and political scientist.

Yves Petry

Yves Petry 1967, Tongeren. Author. Essayist. Editor for the literary journal DW B.

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