Demian Albers

Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Demian Albers

1983, Breda
Animator, artistic director, light artist and VR designer.

The search for new possibilities and platforms for telling a story is key to his way of working. After obtaining his Master’s in Audio-Visual Arts he became an animation director in the APVIS team and a light artist at the video-mapping company, Afterlight. His work is shown both nationally and internationally. Demian Albers draws his public into his playful, absurdist world, with the idea of making it possible for people to escape the reality of everyday life. He can transform the world into a place where the laws of nature no longer apply and where intuition and one’s own mind and perception of the surroundings are core elements.


  Demian Albers

Recently translated into German


Lokroep is a multimedial poem especially made for the oculus Rift. Working closely together with poet Micha Hamel, visual artist Demian Albers designed a three-dimensional environment which is a poetic extension of the text resounding through the headphones. In this four minute ‘submersion’, language and image are playfully brought into each other’s sphere of influence, confronted and exchanged with one another. By using these theatrical operations in the digital domain the makers want to offer the spectator an intense and meaningful experience that does not replace sheer reading or sheer watching, but which brings its own, interdisciplinary experience in which the possibilities of this new medium can be explored but also honoured to its fullest.