Erik Lindner

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Guest of Honour 2016

Erik Lindner

1968, Den Haag
Poet, teacher, literary critic.

Erik Lindner is founder and editor of Terras, the Dutch-language magazine for international literature, as well as an essayist and literary critic. He has written several anthologies of poetry, including his debut collection Tramontane (1996), Tafel (Table, 2004) and, most recently, Acedia (2014). He often takes everyday reality as his starting point, then applies small and subtle shifts, in order to highlight uncomfortable and absurdist aspects of daily images. His work is simultaneously clear and enigmatic, tranquil and precise; his style parlando, self-evident. In 2013 his debut novel Naar Whitebridge (To Whitebridge) appeared, about a boy who grows up in Scotland with a manic-depressive mother; a medical history and a restrained portrait of a dreamy, drifting young soul all-in-one. In 2012 Lindner stayed in Berlin for a year at the invitation of the Artists-in-Berlin programme of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Services). He has organised literary programmes in, among other places, the Institut Néerlandais in Paris, was linked to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam as a teacher of literature and has worked as a poetry critic for the prestigious Dutch weekly De Groene Amsterdammer. His work has been translated into three languages.

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Recently translated into German

Nach Akedia
Matthes & Seitz Verlag, 2013
Translated by Rosemarie Still

Erik Lindner leads a restless poet’s life. He has lived at length in Canada, Paris and Berlin, and since his debut novel in 2013, To Whitebridge, the traveling has only carried him further, now on to poetry festivals in Europe, India and Africa. As adventurous as his life is, poetry has always provided a constant. Lindner’s work is visual, cinematic even. Though a first glance may reveal little, the small associations and subtle shifts beneath the surface are what make his presentations so compelling and intriguing. Like mercury, his subjects progressively morph in character before our eyes. Acedia is a large selection of Erik Lindner’s work, including choices from his debut bundle Tamontane (1996) as well as an entirely new bundle.