Bert Wagendorp

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Guest of Honour 2016

Bert Wagendorp

1956. Columnist, author, sports reporter

Bert Wagendorp has covered many cycling events for newspaper de Volkskrant, and co-founded a Dutch cycling magazine. From 1996 to 2000, Wagendorp has worked as a correspondent in London for de Volkskrant. Bert Wagendorp is a successful author; in the Netherlands, Ventoux has sold over 140,000 copies.


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Recently translated into German

World Editions, 2015
Translated by Paul Vincent
Original title: Ventoux (Atlas Contact, 2013)

During the summer of 1982, six friends–five boys, one girl–climb the legendary Mont Ventoux on their bicycles. A tragic accident claims the life of one of them, the promising poet Peter. Thirty years later, the others find themselves travelling into their past, with their racing bicycles strapped to the car roof, and their inner demons trailing behind them, off to the Provence again. What exactly happened on that mountain thirty years ago, and why are they going back?