Bram Dehouck

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Guest of Honour 2016

Bram Dehouck

1978, Poperinge. Schrijver.

Dehouck has been achieving success with his books from the very start. 2007 saw the publication of his non-fiction work Het meisje dat vergeet [The Girl Who Forgets] in which he bears witness to the personal drama experienced by his sister who suffers from memory problems after a car accident, and the impact this had on her family and those around them.

In 2009, he made his debut as a fiction writer with De minzame moordenaar [The Affable Killer] which immediately won two book awards in 2010.  The reader knows who committed the crime from the very first page, an original method for building suspense that ‘is immediate proof of master craftsmanship’, according to the Golden Noose award jury. This was followed by Een zomer zonder slaap [A Sleepless Summer, 2011], a psychological thriller about a small town that is tormented by the consequences of a wind turbine farm. Dehouck once again received great praise for this book, winning the 2012 Golden Noose and the Knack Hercule Poirot Readers’ Prize. The German translation (btb Verlag) was published in 2014, and the English (World Editions) and French (Galaade Editions) translations appeared in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Raven Crime Reads described the book as ‘the blackest version of Midsomer Murders you could possibly imagine with a tinge of Scandinavian crime fiction’. The story of a GP who views his son as a potential psychopath, Dehouck’s novel Hellekind [Child From Hell, 2012] is also achieving success when it comes to translations for foreign markets. His anxiously awaited new novel, Witte Raaf [White Raven], will be published in the autumn of 2016.

In addition to writing books, Dehouck is also a communications specialist for the insurance organisation CM.

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Recently translated into German

Child From Hell
BTB, 2016
Translated by Stefanie Schäfer
Original title: Hellekind (De Geus, 2012)
German title: Der Psychopath

The fact that Sam, the son of family doctor Chris Walschap, is different from other children is something Chris and his wife Charlotte noticed early on, but they know how to handle him. However, their son’s behaviour does become a problem when he starts going to school. Sam cannot restrain his aggression. Nobody seems to get through to the boy, who is starting to show the characteristics of a psychopath. Chris is desperate; he fears that one day Sam will lose his self-control completely and cause a massacre. He sees only one solution, an act which no father would think himself capable of: to kill his son.
Clever, well-written and compact. […] He always produces masterpieces.

de Volkskrant

He successfully sows confusion.

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