Brecht Evens

© Aurore Lucas
Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Brecht Evens

1986, Hasselt
Creates comics. Paints. Lives in Paris.

Brecht Evens published his first comic strip when he was 19, for which he won the Prijs van het Stripdebuut (Comic Strip Debut Award). His fifth book, Ergens waar je niet wil zijn (The Wrong Place), represented his breakthrough in Flanders and the rest of the world. Since then Evens has stood out for the style so typical of his work: he doesn’t use contour lines or balloons for text, but paints exuberant scenes and familiar dialogues in sequence, using an overwhelming colour palette. Evens surprises readers with each new book he creates, and with each new page. He has also done very well outside of Belgium; translators are eager to translate his work, he has received prestigious prizes, and has been invited to appear at nearly every comic strip festival in the world.

Brecht Evens portrayed ‘his’ Paris for Louis Vuitton in the Travel Books series.

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