Gustaaf Peek

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Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Gustaaf Peek

1975, Haarlem
Writer, editor, photographer.

After getting his degree in English Language & Literature in Leiden, Gustaaf Peek published stories and poems in literary magazines, making his debut in 2006 with the novel Armin, about a young SS officer who works in the obstetrics ward in a German hospital. Dover (2008) is based on a tragic story of 58 Chinese refugees who died in a cargo hold. It was nominated for the BNG Literature Prize. Ik was Amerika (I Was America) from 2010 once again features the Second World War as a backdrop. Fighting for the Nazis in North Africa, the main character Dirk Winter ends up as a prisoner of war in a camp in the US, where he befriends Harris, a man who he looks for 36 years later. His latest novel, Godin, held (Goddess, Hero 2014), about a romantic relationship that is by turns sensual and tragic, was praised in the press and chosen as Book of the Month in the popular Dutch television programme, De Wereld Draait Door. The book has been published in French and German.


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Recently translated into German

Goddess, Hero
Deutsche Verlags-Antstalt, 2016
Translated by Nathalie Lemmens
Original title: Godin, held (Querido, 2014)

What is love? The heart is unpredictable, man a
contradictory being. Tessa and Marius have been
in love all their lives. They meet at school and are
unable to forget one another. For years they live off
secret meetings in hotel rooms. A romance with
many names: infatuation, affair, obsession. She is his
goddess, he is her hero. This is their story unveiled,
told from end to beginning, from the final touch to the
first meeting, from the final word to the first glance.
An undisguised novel about the mysterious and all
too human aspects of love.
Both provocative and poignant.

De Groene Amsterdammer

The composition of the novel gives the book a great elegance.

NRC Handelsblad