Jan De Leeuw

Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Jan De Leeuw

1968, Aalst. Writer. Psychologist. Likes to sleep late and read in bed.

Although Jan De Leeuw began his career writing for adults and the theatre, he managed to land two important awards with his first two young adult novels, Vederland (Featherland,2004) and Het Nachtland (The Land of Night, 2005). De Leeuw’s work is typified by subtly developed characters, usually young people with doubts who are looking for something. He writes layered stories and likes to experiment with form, style and narrative points of view. In The Land of Night, he combines fantasy with reality, in Bevroren kamers (Frozen Rooms, 2009) he introduces a narrator who openly admits to being a fictional character, and in the fascinating Babel (2015), a book set in a dystopian landscape, no-one can be trusted and he is not afraid to address important themes such as religion, superstition and terrorism. De Leeuw is a unique voice in Dutch young adult literature. His stories offer intense reading experiences and get under the reader’s skin, leaving behind an indelible imprint. His work has been translated into more than five languages.


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