Janny van der Molen

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Guest of Honour 2016

Janny van der Molen

1968, Burgum
Writer. Journalist. Gives workshops.

Janny van der Molen writes for children about historical and philosophical themes. She made her debut in 2007 with Over engelen, goden en helden – verhalen uit de grote wereldreligies (On Angels, Gods and Heroes - stories from the great religions of the world), with stories from the five major world religions. In 2013, the very successful Buiten is het oorlog (Outside It’s War) was published. This children’s book about the life of Anne Frank has been translated into four languages. Van der Molen has given workshops to children about this book in many countries. In 2014, Ik zou lang willen leven (I Would Like to Live a Long Life), a biography of Etty Hillesum, was published, targeting an adult audience.


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Recently translated into German

Herrn Swart brummt der Schädel oder wie das Denken im Kopf die Richtung wechseln kann
Gabriel, 2015
Translated by Rolf Erdorf
Original title: Grote gedachten (Ploegsma, 2014)

A young philosophy teacher explains the ‘great thoughts’ of some of our great philosophers: Socrates, Plato, Nietzsche, Marx, Locke, Arendt, Descartes, Spinoza, Mill, Kristeva, Aristotle, Kant, Augustinus and Thomas Aquino. The philosophers’ ideas come to life as the children realize they are relevant for their own situation. The chapters are: idea & matter, body & soul, freedom & democracy, men & women, life & death.
A pleasant, accessible way to get to know the great philosophers.