Kathleen Vereecken

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Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Kathleen Vereecken

1962, Ghent
Writer. Freelance journalist. Doesn’t like bucket lists.

Kathleen Vereecken writes fiction and non-fiction for children, young adults and adults. Since her debut in 1993, she has written primarily historical young adult fiction that takes place primarily in the US (Lara en Rebecca, 2006) and France (Ik denk dat het liefde was [I Think It Was Love], 2009 and Zijdeman [Silk Man], 2013). She won the Boekenleeuw (Book Lion) in 2010 and the Kleine Cervantes (Little Cervantes) in 2011 for I Think It Was Love. In her books, Vereecken combines historical information and strongly developed characters. Her stories are always carefully structured and written in a visual, sensory language. Together with illustrator Eva Mouton, she created Ik heet Jan en ik ben niets bijzonders (My Name is John, and I’m Just an Ordinary Boy, 2014), an illustrated story about a boy who does his best to stand out. Vereecken’s first novel for adults, Haar (Her), was published in 2016. The book met with an enthusiastic reception in the Dutch press.


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Recently translated into German

My name is John and I am just an ordinary boy
Gerstenberg Verlag, 2016
Kathleen Vereecken / Eva Mouton
Translated by Meike Blatnik
Original title: Ik heet Jan en ik ben niets bijzonders (Lannoo, 2014)

John is just an ordinary boy. He would love to be special! But how do you do that?

I am nine years old and nothing special. Just have a look at my name. My name is John, just like my dad. And my grandfather and his father.

If I look in the mirror, there is not much to see. I am neither small, nor big. Neither fat, nor slim. My hair is neither blond, nor brown. My eyes are as grey as a sky full of clouds.

I am ordinary. It is unbelievable how ordinary I am! But I am sick of it. From tomorrow on everything will change. I will be special, you will see!