Lize Spit

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Guest of Honour 2016

Lize Spit

1988, Viersel
Writer. Poet. Phenomenon.

Lize Spit grew up in a small town in Flanders, and now lives in Brussels. She got her Master’s degree in screenwriting, published prose and poetry in magazines, and in 2013, she won the jury and readers’ prize for Write Now!, a prestigious writing competition. Het smelt (The Melting) is her debut novel, and has been showered with praise in the Netherlands, Flanders and the rest of the world. With over 60,000 copies sold just a couple of months after it was published, the book went into its fourth reprint. The foreign rights for Het smelt were sold to eight countries almost immediately.

Het smelt had only been on store shelves three days when the film rights were sold.

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Recently translated into German

The Melting
Fischer Verlag, 2017
Translated by Helga van Beuningen
Original title: Het smelt (Das Mag, 2016)

What if you could take revenge on an entire village?
1988, in the small Flemish village of Bovenmeer. Only three children are born that year, and only one of them is a girl, Eva. Together, the three children try to make the best of the situation, until they reach puberty. Then suddenly their relationships are altered. The boys devise cruel plans and it is up to the timid Eva if she wants to join them or betray their friendship. The option is that there is no option.
Thirteen years after a searing summer in which all got out of hand, Eva returns to the village with a huge block of ice in the trunk of her car. We gradually learn that she is the one who is in charge this time.
With her debut Lize Spit grabs the reader by the throat from the very first sentence, determined to keep a tight headlock for all 480 pages. Merciless but lovingly, The Melting is a novel that leaves you perplexed.