Lot Vekemans

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Guest of Honour 2016

Lot Vekemans

1965, Oss
Writer, playwright.

Lot Vekemans initially combined journalism with her work as a much sought-after playwright, but in 1999 she decided to concentrate on drama. For this work she has received various awards including the Van der Vies Prize and the Dutch Language Union theatre-writing prize.
After nearly twenty years of working in the theatre she wrote her debut novel in 2012, Een bruidsjurk uit Warschau [A Wedding Dress from Warsaw]. This is a psychological novel about a love triangle involving a Polish woman, an American journalist and a Dutch farmer, the story being told by each in turn. 
Her theatre work has been performed in more than twenty countries and her novel has been translated into Norwegian, Turkish and German.


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Recently translated into German

A Wedding Dress From Warsaw
Translated by Alexandra Schmiedebach
Wallstein, 2016
Original title: Een bruidsjurk uit Warschau (Cossee, 2012)

A Wedding Dress from Warsaw (German title: Ein Brautkleid aus Warschau) is a novel about the desire to shape your own life and the unexpected results that occur once you do. The beautiful Marlena lives in the Polish country side and still hasn’t married, to the great worry of her mother. Her life changes radically when she falls in love. It marks the beginning of a phase where three men enter into her life, each loving her in their own way.

The first is Natan, a young American journalist, with whom Marlena experiences her first intense love affair in Poland. But when she finds out that she is pregnant, Natan is far away in America. The second is Andries, a Dutch farmer who marries Marlena through a wedding agency, to forecome the loneliness on his farm. He hears that Marlena is pregnant when they meet but he accepts the young boy as his own. The third man is Szymon, a Jewish Pole who arrived in the Netherlands when he was a baby. As an adult he visits the country of his parents for the first time, where he meets Marlena and her son Boris who have also returned to Poland. Together with them he tries to restore the feelings of family and security he misses so much.

But everything ends up going differently than expected - when Boris stops talking, Andries shows up unexpectedly in Poland and a number of letters from Nathan reappear.
You can’t stop reading. You want more and more. With few words Lot Vekemans is able to evoke a lot of atmosphere. With few ingredients she creates paragraphs that touch you. A writer of few words but with a great story.

Zin Magazine

Vekemans can write effective, catching and creative. And her characters are so lifelike you get the feeling that you really get to know them. A full 'yes' to this novel. Read it!

Literair Nederland

A subtle and subdued drama. The simple plot develops into a story about being abandoned. The tone is the greatest weapon of this book. Vekemans' proze radiates a calmness that is a pleasant contrast with the nervous and surly characters. This prevents the story from degenerating into melodrama and it leaves room for a hint of humor.

De Standaard