Marco Kunst

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Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Marco Kunst

1966, Vlissingen
Writer. Not tied to one genre. Loves the word ‘duinen’ (dunes).

Marco Kunst studied art at Utrecht University and went on to teach at various art academies and institutes for artistic development. He started writing in the 1990s, publishing several stories for adults in various magazines. In 1999 he made his book debut with a collection of stories, De genietmachine [The Enjoyment Machine]. It was 2004 before his next book came out, Gewist [Wiped], a children’s book. The books then followed one after another, as did the German translations. In 2013 Marco Kunst won the Vlag en Wimpel award for De Sleuteldrager [The Key Bearer] (2012). A year later he won the same prize again, this time for Vlieg! [Fly!] (2013).

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Recently translated into German

Herr der Zeiten
Gerstenberg Verlag, 2016
Translated by Rolf Erdorf
Original title: Kroonsz (Lemniscaat, 2014)

Amsterdam, 1670
Wessel doesn’t know what to think. His father, the renowned doctor Zacharias Kroonsz, is conducting a study that defies all laws: the laws of the Church, the laws of life itself. Kroonsz claims that he can reveal people’s lifelines. And if he can, perhaps he can go even further... Fearful, but also fascinated, Wessel becomes involved in the study. He and his father go further than they could have imagined. But then fate strikes. A fate that sends Kroonsz insane, turns Wessel into the living dead, and tears a devastating hole in reality: the Split.

Amsterdam, 2013
Pink, seventeen years old and the most popular girl in the class, suspects that she is being followed by a boy. Rather than afraid, she feels inexplicably attracted to him. She knows that something is wrong with this boy. But she doesn’t find out quite how wrong until it’s too late. With the help of Pink and Bor, a boy who distrusts him completely, Wessel must fight a huge battle: a battle against his powerful father, against power and madness, and against the tear in reality that threatens all life on earth.
Marco Kunst subtly lures the reader into the web he weaves with the storylines of Wessel and his father, and Pink and her schoolmate Bor. How Wessel will untangle himself from that web remains a surprise until the emotional denouement. This thrilling, intense, and philosophical novel (German title: Herr der Zeiten) will change the reader’s outlook on life forever.
Highly recommended for readers who are philosophically minded and interested in life’s big questions.

An exciting and magical novel of ideas.

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