Marian De Smet

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Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Marian De Smet

1976, Mechelen. Nursery school teacher. Writer. Loves Leonard Cohen, but also Bach.

De Smet studied narrative, music and visual imagery at the Hasselt School of Arts. After training as a teacher in Heverlee she became a nursery school teacher. But from childhood she had always wanted to become a writer. In 2001 she published her first book Anna’s Tight Squeeze, which was followed by more stories for toddlers. Her first book for older children, The Words of His Fingers, appeared in 2008 and was awarded first prize by the Flanders Children’s Jury. It was followed by Geen bereik (2011) and Rotmoevie (2015). De Smet’s stories are exciting, but the focus is always on the characters. They are strong young people who manage to cope in complex situations. Her books have been translated into more than five languages.


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