Micha Hamel

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Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Micha Hamel

1970, Amsterdam
Composer and poet.

Micha Hamel is one of the most multitalented artists in the Netherlands. He composes for amateurs and professionals, for almost all the contemporary music ensembles and the leading symphony orchestras, but he also creates theatre productions. In 2012 he was the ‘Composer in focus’ at the Holland Festival, as well as the artistic director of this very important festival for Dutch music. He conducts concerts that include classical, newly composed and cross-over repertoire, both in the Netherlands and in other countries. He has published four poetry collections and a book about the future of classical music. He is currently focusing on creating complete programmes of music theatre for which he himself writes or adapts the texts and for which he then also composes the music. At the same time he is working on a new collection of poems and a prose project for the digital environment. In the 2016-2017 season he will be visiting writer at Utrecht University.


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Recently translated into German


Lokroep is a multimedial poem especially made for the oculus Rift. Working closely together with poet Micha Hamel, visual artist Demian Albers designed a three-dimensional environment which is a poetic extension of the text resounding through the headphones. In this four minute ‘submersion’, language and image are playfully brought into each other’s sphere of influence, confronted and exchanged with one another. By using these theatrical operations in the digital domain the makers want to offer the spectator an intense and meaningful experience that does not replace sheer reading or sheer watching, but which brings its own, interdisciplinary experience in which the possibilities of this new medium can be explored but also honoured to its fullest.