Neske Beks

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Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Neske Beks

1972, Antwerp. Storyteller. Connector. Story merchant.

Beks studied theatre and cabaret at Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp. She has Flemish, African and American roots. Storytelling is her life. And because every story demands a different medium, she not only writes but also makes documentaries, theatre, films and music. She likes to coach others to tell their stories. She made her literary debut in 2014 with De Kleenex kronieken, a story about a family and a village. Although Beks tends to focus on weighty themes, humour always plays a central role. ‘The emotional sledgehammer hits much harder if you’ve first been marinated in the oil of humour.’


  Translations   Uitgeverij De Harmonie

Recently translated into German

The Kleenex Chronicles
Original title: De Kleenex Kronieken (De Harmonie, 2014)

Priscilla grew up in the oppressive atmosphere of the Belgian brewery in Waarloos, a village with a chronic shortage of women and a hairdresser salon on every street corner. Life brings every resident either a career in the beer factory or in the tissue factory. In the middle of the village the collapsed bridge is an open wound, a silent witness of the bombardment that took place on 5 april 1943 in Waarloos. And near that bridge lives Priscilla.

The Kleenex Chronicles is the humorous and fast-paced story of a family and of a village. It is the surprising first novel of Neske Beks, daughter of a Flemish mother and a Gambian father.