Nix (Marnix) Verduyn

Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Nix (Marnix) Verduyn

1969, Courtrai
Cartoonist. Joke-teller. Inventor.

Marnix Verduyn, working under the pseudonym ‘Nix’, already enjoyed a certain reputation as illustrator and satirical cartoonist when he was a student in Louvain. He published cartoons in various newspapers and magazines, including Billy Bob for the comics magazine, Spirou. In 2001, he launched Kinky & Cosy, featuring the humorous adventures of the world’s most dangerous twins, which rapidly achieved cult status in France. The cartoons were bundled as their own comic book series not long afterwards. Nix won the prize for the Best Humorous Comic Book at the 2001 international comics festival of Angoulême for the series, and in 2006, the series won the ‘Le petit Spirou’ prize at the 14-day Brussels Comics Festival. For several years, Nix worked on an animated series featuring Kinky & Cosy which was launched in 2015 in a remarkable exposition in Angoulême. The Kinky & Cosy Experience has been touring Europe ever since as a traveling exhibition in which the infamous twins brainwash visitors in a repurposed container.

Nix gave up his job as a telecommunications engineer in order to start drawing professionally.

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