Philip Hopman

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Guest of Honour 2016

Philip Hopman

1961, Egmond aan den Hoef
Multifaceted illustrator. Uses his parents’ old bulb shed as a studio.

Philip Hopman, son of a Dutch tulip grower, studied illustration at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. In 1988 he made his debut as an illustrator with Een reuze heksentoer [A Giant Witch Hunt]. Since then he has illustrated more than two hundred books for various writers, his work has won several awards, and many books he illustrated have been translated. Hopman is famous for his dynamic pen work, great sense of humour and virtuosity. He alternates realistic images with stylised illustrations to fit the mood of the story, which always serves as his point of departure. He depicts his characters with great versatility, be they man or animal, putting movement into every stance with his cinematic technique. In 2012 he published Valentijn en zijn viool [Valentine and his Violin], the first book for which Hopman provided the text as well as the illustrations. Hopman is currently working on a series of books about Farmer Boris, an independent boy on a farm, in collaboration with award-winning children’s writer Ted van Lieshout.


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Recently translated into German

Farmer Freddie at the Seaside
Annette Betz Verlag, 2015
Translated by Rolf Erdorf
Author: Ted van Lieshout
Original title: Boer Boris gaat naar zee (Gottmer, 2013)

Is there any child that wouldn’t want to be Farmer Freddie? He has his own farm with loads of animals and a nice red tractor he can drive around on all day. This appealing little farmer has quickly become the protagonist of a popular series, with many fans and an impressive number of prizes won.

In this second book in the series, Farmer Freddie is planning a trip to sead. What kinds of this will he need to pack? Hmm… a whole lot of stuff. Perhaps some animals, too. So he decides he’d better go by tractor. Still not enough space? Freddie has just the plan for that!
'Farmer Freddie at the Seaside' is at least as entertaining as the first in this series, and that’s a good sign. Van Lieshout and Hopman might just have a potential hit: Farmer Boris has everything it takes to become a classic.