Ruth Lasters

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Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour 2016

Ruth Lasters

1979, Antwerp
Author. Poet. Feels writing to be the perfect form of pondering.

Ruth Lasters studied Romance languages in Brussels and works as an equal opportunities coordinator in the intercultural Borgerhout. In 2006, she published her debut novel Poolijs (Polar Ice) which received the Vlaamse Debuutprijs immediately. Two novels have followed since then: Feestelijk Zweet (Festive Sweat, 2010) and Vlaggenbrief (Flag Letter, 2014), although she received most praise as a poet. Her first collection appeared in 2007, Vouwplannen (Folding Plans), for which she received a Debuutprijs from poetry magazine Het Liegend Konijn. The world she describes in her verse is oddly surprising, yet also playfully surreal. Her crisp and clear short poems follow a strict pattern: disjointed images and personal associations are presented with plenty of conviction as generally applicable rules. Her latest poetry collection Lichtmeters (Light Metres, 2015) won the 2016 Herman De Coninckprijs. Lasters comments that her writing emanates ‘from an amazing crush on words, on the mechanism of language.’ Her work has been translated into German, French and English.


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Recently translated into German

Polderpoesie. Junge Lyrik aus Flandern und den Niederlanden
[Sic]-Literaturverlag, 2016
Translated by Stefan Wieczorek, Ard Posthuma,
Gregor Seferens, Rosemarie Still and Waltraud Hüsmert

Polder are typical landscapes of Flanders and the Netherlands. Polder are new land that was reclaimed from the sea. Polderpoesie creates new ground and introduces 21 young Flemish and Dutch poets bilingually in Dutch and German.