A major event with a virtual reality installation, literary speed dating, a show featuring Flemish and Dutch authors, lectures and discussions.

The days that literature looked inexorably forward and never round about have long since passed. In Flanders and the Netherlands a new generation of storytellers has also emerged. Creative, technical, and literary innovations have enabled Dutch literature to develop into a seedbed for flexibility and youthful talent, with offshoots such as graphic novels and the creative industry. This in addition to a more diverse variety within the traditional genres of fiction, poetry, children’s and youth books and non-fiction. Indeed, literature is becoming the glue that binds traditional and new forms of storytelling.
A sea of voices echos in the scene and in Baustelle hall. Among these the voices of authors Leon de Winter and Saskia De Coster, Menno Wigman with a poetry performance, virtual reality artist Demian Albers and poet/composer Micha Hamel, as well as graphic novelists Erik Kriek and Olivier Schrauwen. Murat Isik, Suzanna Jansen, Yves Petry, Lot Vekemans and Lodewijk van Oord are also present. And the authors also take part in the literary speed dates: before you know it you may be sitting next to someone like Leon de Winter or Erik Kriek... And you can round off at the party which continues at the bar (entrance above Café Pilot).
Host: Bettina Baltschev

(c) Gert Mothes